We Buy, Sell and Pawn Silver and Gold Coins

Sell Coins

Have you ever came across a unique coin that looks like it’s worth a significant amount of money and you didn’t know where to take it?

Pawn USA can help you find out how valuable the coin is and how much you can exchange the coin for a loan, pawn, buy or sell transaction. We will take your old and treasure chest-like coins.

If we think we can find true value in your coins and are interested in your item, we will give you a free evaluation on them.

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Are you a big coin collector and want to add to your collection? We have plenty of coins you can choose from. Come by to secure your new collectibles!

We have several types of coins.

Silver dollars:

-Flowing Hair (1794-1795)

-Draped Bust (1795-1803)

-Seated Liverty (1840-1873)

-Trade (1873-1885)

-Peace (1921-1935)

-American Silver Eagle (1986-present)

-Morgan (1878-1904)

Gold dollars:

-Liberty head (1894-1854)

-Indian Head (1854-1889)

Please stop by or ask for a quote online. We are open late to better serve our customers.
Need directions? Click here for directions from your location to USA Pawn on Google maps or check out the map below for our location.

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